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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about chair massage. You can scroll to browse the questions and answers, or you can use one of the following links to jump directly to a particular category:


Before your massage

What’s your cancellation policy?

Communication is key to a successful event. No refunds will be given on deposits or payments for cancellations received less than 24 hours before scheduled appointment. Cancellations received 24-48 hours before a scheduled appointment are eligible for a 50% refund.

Do clients have to remove their clothing?

No. During a chair massage, you remain fully clothed, although you may be asked to remove a jacket or obstructive jewelry.

I'm pregnant. Can I still get a massage?

Absolutely. Massage can be very beneficial for women during pregnancy. However, be sure to let the massage therapist know you are pregnant so they can assure your safety and comfort. This is especially true if you are in the first trimester, when it may not be obvious that you are pregnant.

Should I not get a massage if...?

We believe that most people can benefit from chair massage, but there are special considerations to be made for people who have any of the following conditions: uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, fractures, herniated discs, malignancy, skin fragility, inflammation, open wounds, blood clots or severe osteoporosis. Please inform your massage therapist of any acute or ongoing health conditions before the chair massage.

Who are your massage therapists?

We contract with high caliber therapists, all of whom are licensed with the state and carry insurance. If you'd like to learn more about our therapists, check out our Meet Our Team section.


Paying for your massage

Access our online payment portal and pay for your massage today.

How do I pay for my massage?

Touchpoint offers multiple payment options; most commonly, clients pay for their massages individually, but sometimes the company sponsoring the event will pitch in. Please discuss cost with your organizer beforehand. When you are ready to pay, you can use this page to pay by credit or debit card.

What if I don't have a credit card?

Credit and debit cards are an easy way to make payments online, but we understand that not everyone has one. We are working hard to add the ability to pay by check online. Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you do not have a credit card, one option is to purchase a Visa gift card or other prepaid credit card at any major retailer or gas station. This functions as a credit card and will allow you to conduct transactions online. Another option is to use an online payment service like Amazon Payments to make a secure, free payment from your bank account.

Are tips expected?

People have different philosophies when it comes to gratuities. While tipping is not required or necessary, it is a great way to show your therapist that they did a stellar job!

If you choose to tip, the general amount is 10-20%, but anything extra is always appreciated. You may tip via our online payment page or in cash directly with your massage therapist.


During your massage

Are oils used during the massage?

No oils are used in chair massage. Sometimes a lotion is applied during hand/arm massage. Please let your therapist know if you prefer no lotion.

Should I be concerned about cleanliness?

Before each massage session, massage therapists use hand sanitizer, disinfect the massage chair and apply a fresh face cradle cover.

Can I have the therapist work on just one area?

At the beginning of the massage the therapist will ask if you have any specific concerns. If you'd like the massage therapist to focus on one specific area, just ask.

What if I want more or less pressure?

Just ask! Our massage therapists are trained to adapt to a wide variety of body types and sensitivities to pressure. This is your session and we want you to be comfortable.

Will I be tired afterwards?

Not at all! At first, you may mistake a sense of relaxation for fatigue, but research has shown that you'll quickly find a sense of renewed energy and focus after your massage.


For employers

How far in advance should I schedule with you?

This depends on the size and location of the event. For smaller events with one or two therapists, a minimal advance booking is required. However, for larger events and those in remote areas, we appreciate a minimum of two weeks' advance notice.

How much space is needed for chair massage?

Not much space is needed for us to work, and we can likely find a suitable location on-site with any company. A small, 5-by-5-foot area is sufficient for a therapist to set up their massage chair and have enough room to move around comfortably. In some cases, having a small room with a closing door is preferable for client privacy.

How many massage therapists will I need for my event?

The ideal number of therapists needed for your event will be determined by various factors including expected traffic, available space and your budget. Contact us and we'll help determine the best strategy.

Who are your massage therapists?

Touchpoint works with independent massage providers who are trained and experienced in chair massage. We carefully screen, interview and check references for all massage therapists. All therapists are licensed with the state of Wisconsin and carry insurance. Your success and well-being is the core of our mission.

How long should the sessions be?

For conventions and events, we recommend starting with 15-minute chair massage sessions and adjusting according to traffic. For corporate massage, 20-30 minutes is generally preferable.