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I am very thankful for the chair massages that Touchpoint provides at our workplace! Your massage therapists are caring and professional, and they have helped me in a number of ways, such as:

I highly recommend that companies offer your services on-site to reduce stress, ease tension and help employees be more productive!

Kim is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. She listens to your words and she listens to your body. She does not have a "set" massage, she responds to your needs, her work can be different every time you see her. Those people Kim has touched are lucky people!

Kimberly is fantastic! My past experience with massage therapists has been they don't listen to your needs. I go to massages to get muscle pain relief and had tried to express my desire to other massage therapists for them to dig deep and get the kinks out. Kim really listens to you and somehow knows where the problem areas are. She applies enough pressure to cure what ails you without you feeling sore the next day. She really seems to know anatomy. My Doctor told me to take aspirin for a sore knee, Kim was able to provide relief without drugs.

I've known Kim Gorichanaz for over 5 years. We were first introduced when the firm I worked for hired her (and others) to provide chair massages on a rotating schedule. Kim was by far my favorite! Shortly after starting at my new firm, I discovered that Kim had also moved and was located close to where I now worked. Consequently, I suggested that my new firm offer her services—and they now do. (I also schedule visits to Kim's location, so that I get a massage weekly—best thing for me!) 

Kim's technique is deeply satisfying and relaxing. Her ability to find the areas of stress and concentrate on those muscles is particularly well done. She is concerned with the total well-being of her clients and will work with each individual to ensure the best outcome. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of Kim's therapy.

I've been getting Chair Massages for over 25 years and no one has ever done it better than Kim. She would always tailor the session based on any aches and pains that I was experiencing. She is extremely strong and yet she was very good at varying the hand pressure based on the area that she was working on. I would highly recommend that you treat yourself to a relaxing experience.

Kim, I have enjoyed being in your hands, and was always amazed how you were able to figure out what was needed. I recall one particular occasion where I hurt my dominant hand by squeezing out a small sponge at home—obviously twisting or turning the wrong way. I couldn't believe such a simple task could cause such discomfort. You happened to be in our office that week. I made a 15 minute appointment with you and told you where it hurt. You did your magic and the same day I had full use of my hand without pain. My shoulders and neck have been a problem for quite a while. You always found the tight spots and worked them into submission.

I have had the pleasure of numerous massages over the years, no one else has come close to the way you were able to work on my shoulders and neck for instant relief. I especially enjoyed some of your techniques, for example, folding my arm behind my back to gain better access to the shoulder blade area or manipulating the muscles under the arm toward the back.

Your knowledge, work ethic and professionalism will be sorely missed. If you ever make your way back this way, please let me know.