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Corporate chair massage is the secret to happy, focused and productive employees.

Your company can't function without employees. So shouldn't you do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy? Luckily, there's an easy, no-hassle option you can give your employees so they love coming to work: chair massage services. Touchpoint Corporate Chair Massage offers massage therapy to businesses throughout the Madison area.

Chair massage has been used in corporate settings for over two decades. In fact, some of the most prestigious and fun places to work offer chair massage—Yahoo, Kimberly‒Clark, General Electric, Hewlett‒Packard and Texas Instruments—and it saves them billions in healthcare costs, sick days and productivity each year.

What's so great about chair massage? The benefits are endless. Research shows that even 15 minutes of chair massage a week can increase productivity and creative thinking, while decreasing stress and preventing stress-related injuries.

Did you know that 75 percent of doctor visits are for stress-related problems? Work-related stress is a major contributor to fatigue, burnout and numerous injuries. Offering corporate chair massage to your employees can decrease absenteeism and injury claims—and provide your organization with countless other measurable benefits.

Chair massage is also important for building morale and goodwill within your company. You see, your employees will perceive chair massage as a benefit—even if they pay for it themselves.

Now for the best part: With Touchpoint Corporate Chair Massage in Madison, there's no interruption. We bring the equipment and set everything up ourselves. Your employees remain fully clothed, and massage lotion is optional. Chair massage really is a hassle-free solution.

You should contact us today to talk about how Touchpoint can bring happiness and health to your workplace. We're extremely flexible, and we can work with a range of budgets and create programs for one-time events or continual therapy programs. Send us an email or call 262‒993‒2294.

With Touchpoint, work is better.